The Crew

B. is the boat’s handyman. He is (or tries to be) an electrician, a plumber, a rigger, and a mechanic. He tries to keep Lucy up and running, in other words to fix more stuff than he breaks. Before this new life, he was the CTO of a french startup, in which the team spent more time around the fussball table than behind their notebooks. Today, he’s discovering a new sailor life while working on a top secret project behind the scenes !

S. is the boat’s Jack of all trades. She’s an ER doctor, a wannabe neuroscientist and a science journalist … On top of all this, she’s making our cosmetics and cleaning products with her chemist hat, and insists on adjusting our sails at all times to gain a fraction of a knot. She’s also studying ocean littering and tries to make a difference.

Elaya is our deckhand. When she joined us, on May 18 the 2017, she had 2214 nautical miles behind her, including one Bay of Biscay and a few storms. For now, she spends her night making sure the crew is awake and entertained, and her days producing weird smiles and funny noises